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Center for Continuing Education

A brief overview of the center

Continuing Education Center is the gateway to the university’s inauguration and a window to it. It is a scientific edifice that aims to provide the scientific arena with a distinguished elite of its cadres armed with science and knowledge, out of the belief of our university, which has sought since its founding in the mission it carries to provide means of continuing education and provide learners with the necessary experience and skills in various fields and specializations. For students and members of its local community, we can say that continuing education is the arm upon which the university relies in implementing its vision and investing in scientific, human, and material capabilities to contribute to achieving comprehensive development based on the service of the university’s employees, professors and members of the local community and then regional and international, through providing training that keeps pace with scientific development, providing technical and administrative advice, and enhancing individuals’ capabilities. Since its inception, Continuing Education has been keen to design and implement special training programs and workshops of high quality, through cooperation with various academic departments by the actual needs of society. These programs have gained a great reputation, which has been reflected in the increased demand from individuals and institutions to provide more.

Vision and Mission of the Center

Excellence in continuing education is aimed at developing human competencies and improving lives through leadership in innovative education, professional development, lifelong learning, and providing consultations locally and internationally.
Continuing Education Center is a window onto society that meets all training needs in various specializations in line with the tremendous development in knowledge and the changes taking place in the world at all times and places. Creating an effective training, educational, and creative environment that attracts the best distinguished training and educational cadres and establishing strong strategic relationships with the public and private sectors.


Continuing Education Center seeks to strengthen the relationship between the university and society through the establishment of programs, training courses, workshops, and development curricula for trainees through the establishment of various activities in line with the general objectives of the university and the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the scientific, academic and performance needs of the community by providing an innovative environment. Advanced training in the field of continuing education with diverse educational sources that simulate the desired cognitive development. Continuing Education Center aims at achieving integration between formal education and continuing education through the use of methods and formulas that ensure the success of this integration.
It also endeavors to strengthen relations with scientific and productive bodies and departments and scientific associations that place human resources development among their goals, whether inside or outside Iraq, to develop human resources scientifically, professionally, and administratively. In addition to conducting extensive studies in different professions and identifying aspects that require training and development. Organizing scientific, cultural, and educational programs for different segments of society, according to their requests and needs. Organizing training, rehabilitation, and development courses in the university’s various specializations. Contributing to holding seminars, discussions, studies, and workshops.
Training trainees to use information and communications technology in learning, teaching, scientific research, and professional work. Contributing to eradicating alphabetical, digital, and cultural illiteracy among several workers at the university and the surrounding villages. Other goals are written in laws and instructions for establishing continuing education centers in Iraqi universities.
It also aims at developing professional staff in the desired and required specializations by the latest scientific and international developments to establish and develop all projects.

For more information, you can contact us via the center’s email :
You can contact us via phone number: 07830978502