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Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

Al-Qasim Green University has always sought to communicate and open up with the outside world through a group of twinning programs with international universities, the most prominent of which was the program to establish the Division of Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up, which is concerned with developing the capabilities and skills of students within their specializations and in a way that gives them the ability to compete for jobs after their graduation through a group of programs. Training and rehabilitation for students during their studies, as well as opening horizons of cooperation with public and private sector institutions. This division was created on 4/24/2016 and is administratively linked to the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs.

Division Goal

The division aims to provide the requirements of students in the final stages and graduates of our university’s colleges from various specializations to develop and build their personal, scientific and applied practical capabilities and life skills in a way that is consistent with the labor market, which gives them the opportunity to compete for jobs after their graduation in both the government and private sectors and reduce the burden on the public sector.

Achievements of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up :

  1. 1- Holding 28 seminars, workshops, training courses and success stories for students and graduates of our university’s colleges.
  2. 2- Training 25 trainees for five days within the Reyadah Initiative project adopted by the Honorable Prime Minister, and 19 certificates approved by the Prime Minister were awarded to the trainees who successfully passed the course.
  3. 3- 19 projects were accepted, both production and service, and the economic feasibility study for their projects was transferred to the initiative’s electronic system and to Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashid Banks.

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