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Technological Incubator Division

A Brief Overview of the Division

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Research and Development Department launched a network of university business incubators in all public universities. As a first stage, a business incubator was established in every public university. The goal of the program is to create and expand business incubators to build future generations and enable them to create sustainable solutions to facilitate the process of knowledge and research in Iraq, by embracing and supporting ideas, projects, research, and patents to stimulate the movement of creativity and innovation and spread the culture of entrepreneurship. The work of the incubator network is based on providing a developmental and guiding environment that supports business incubators by providing activities, events, and scientific and practical content to incubator members and all parties interested in the incubator industry in Iraq, individuals, and institutions.


To be a leading business incubator in transforming the entrepreneurial ideas of entrepreneurs at the university for all sectors into real projects that enhance the national economy and contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy.


Developing and crystallizing entrepreneurial ideas by providing a package of services and ways to support entrepreneurs and launching strong startup companies capable of surviving and developing to meet the needs of society.

Division Tasks

Division Objectives

    The Technological Incubator Division at Al-Qasim Green University aims to:

  1. 1- Providing a positive environment to incubate the creative ideas and pioneering works of university staff and nurturing the incubated ideas until they become a tangible reality.
  2. 2- Protecting those with entrepreneurial ideas by introducing them to ways to protect ownership, intellectual property, and patents.
  3. 3- Preparing those with entrepreneurial ideas for the various administrative tasks necessary for success in managing and marketing their projects.
  4. 4- Providing the basic infrastructure necessary to start entrepreneurial projects and helping to secure the initial funding necessary to launch them.
  5. 5- Helping to secure the necessary funding to expand entrepreneurial projects by connecting with interested investors, following up on projects after they leave the incubator, and providing the necessary advice to ensure their continued success.
  6. 6- Attracting young people with creative initiatives and ideas and forming an official umbrella for youth initiatives.
  7. 7-Empowering university staff and students who have initiatives and studying the idea presented by the initiator helping them develop it and implement it in the best way.
  8. 8- Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship, self-employment, and cognitive creativity by all available means among university staff and students so that creativity and innovation become a language of dialogue and a method of work and production at the university.
  9. 9- Paying attention to the knowledge economy by focusing on new fields in education and training, keeping pace with the rapid development in various branches of knowledge, and establishing partnerships with prestigious local and international scientific and technical institutions to benefit from them in scientific and applied aspects.
  10. 10- Building trust between the university, society, and external institutions regarding the university’s programs based on the knowledge economy and working to link new projects with the market.

You can contact the division via the following official email