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Studies and Planning Department

It studies the innovations required by the university for preliminary studies and postgraduate studies, concerning the establishment of new departments, sections, and units, as well as establishing new colleges, and sends them to the University Council and then to the Ministry to obtain the necessary approvals for this. The department's tasks are summarized as establishing planning mechanisms in the colleges, university centers, and departments and coordinating between them to achieve the implementation of the university's strategic plan and follow-up in the academic, administrative, and financial fields. In addition to studying the curriculum, scientific research, scientific researchers involved in global scientific fields, researchers and academic instructors who participated in international scientific conferences, and researchers and academic instructors who have patents.

Among the other objectives of the studies, Planning, and follow-up department is to help establish the necessary foundations and standards for the planning process in all academic fields. Preparing plans for all university activities and coordinating with the planning units in the university’s colleges to work on developing a mechanism to apply the planning methodology in the various university formations, preparing plan studies on the required expansion of the university following its objectives and directions, identifying the university’s administrative, academic and technical needs, and cooperating with the Engineering Affairs Department at the university regarding reconstruction projects and investment projects required to develop the university and its reconstruction.

Statement of the Center Director

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, and thanks to Him for what He has done and has bestowed, and prayers and peace be upon the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad, and upon his Progeny. The Department of Studies and Planning is linked to the Department of the Assistant of University President for Scientific Affairs and is considered one of the vital and important departments at the university. The importance of strategic planning in all fields is no secret to anyone, because success depends mainly on studying reality and finding appropriate solutions according to scientific visions. We work in this department to achieve the best levels of development through preparing and implementing current and future plans in an effort to optimally develop the university in all its formations. The Studies and Planning Department is responsible for following up the future needs of the university and colleges through studying the expansion of colleges and other departments and working to provide the financial resources and buildings necessary for this purpose. It is also the responsibility of the department to provide the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other ministries and departments with statistical information and comprehensive data on the university’s plans and activities through a database prepared for this purpose.

Department Objectives

Organizational Structure

  1. The academic needs (preparation and specializations of academic instructors), technical and administrative needs of the colleges will be received based on a prior request from the Department of Planning Studies, unified, coordinated, and refined in preparation for submitting them to the Assistant of University President for Scientific Affairs through the Head of the Department for approval and then working on their implementation. Considering requests for transfer and appointment received from the Ministry or the colleges in light of the need and financial degree as stated in the planning (organizational structure database) and making contacts with the relevant colleges concerned to ensure the availability of the need and then responding to the concerned authority, taking the necessary measures regarding cases of appointment and transfer. Exceptions received from the Ministry.
  2. A special schedule is prepared on 30- June and another on 30- September of each year according to what is provided by the Ministry of Finance, which includes the revised and equitable scientific, technical, and administrative staff according to the staffing law, and includes the actual work classified into grades, and it also includes the update for appointment.
  3. Sending the above table through the official channel to the Ministry of Finance to approve the budget in preparation for its implementation in the following year.
  4. Renewing the records of private owners at the end of each year for approval by the Ministry of Finance in light of the financial budget that was previously sent to them.
  5. Taking the necessary measures to change the addresses of employees at the university, its colleges, and centers following the officially applicable controls and in light of the vacancies available in the financial staff.
  6. Taking the necessary measures regarding cases of deletion and addition of job grades for transfer and promotions.
  7. Marking the staff and financial staff in cases of retirement, resignation, transfer, promotions, and placements.
  8. Entering information for academic instructors, technicians, and administrators on computers.

Administrative Development

Develop an annual training plan for members of the university, its colleges, and centers, and circulate the plan to the university’s formations (faculties and centers) to nominate their candidates after coordination has been made with continuing education in the relevant colleges to implement the training programs included in the above plan. Follow up on the implementation of the training plan paragraphs in coordination between continuing education units in the colleges.

Preparing a comprehensive report on the training plan at the end of each year and submitting it to the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs for review

Preparing the annual administrative reform report according to the model approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and in light of the reform reports received from the university’s formations, submitting the annual administrative reform report referred to above to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through the Assistant to the University President for Scientific Affairs. Preparing an activities evaluation report. Colleges semi-annually, according to forms prepared by the Ministry and filled out by the colleges and centers affiliated with the university

Send the above evaluation to the Ministry through the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs

Developing a plan to automate administrative work and supervising its implementation across the university, its colleges, and its centers after its approval by the Assistant of the University President for Scientific Affairs.

To prepare the administrative field studies required to improve administrative performance and raise efficiency and effectiveness. Working to develop a system for describing administrative, technical, and scientific jobs (job descriptions) at the university and its colleges and centers using the computer.

Preparing and updating the organizational evidence (organizational structure) of the university, including the colleges and the research centers.

Department Units

  1. Studies and Planning Unit

    Preparing the university’s annual scientific plan and following up on its implementation. Preparing the details of the organizational structure in the university formations and organizing organizational charts. Preparing and organizing the scientific, technical, and administrative staff by the official controls and foundations approved in the organizational structure forms (scientific-technical- administrative) for the university formations and sending them to the Ministry. Preparing the guide for Al Qasim Green University.

  2. Statistics Unit

    To conduct a university census of university formations and provide the Ministry with a detailed report, according to tables prepared for this purpose annually. Prepare the university’s annual report. Prepare the administration report.

  3. Database Unit

    Preparing a database for all university employees and its formations and entering the data into special programs on the computer. Preparing statistical reports for the university center, its colleges and centers, and determining the affiliation of the university employees and its formations.

  4. Alumni Affairs Unit

    Building a database for graduates in each of the university’s colleges, which includes the names of graduates, their specializations, grades, and the experiences they possess, in addition to documenting their residential addresses to contact them when necessary. Publishing the names of graduates and their specializations on the university’s website in cooperation with the Electronic Calculator Center, and making the necessary communications with graduates using E-mail addresses that are obtained from them after graduation. Addressing companies, governmental institutions, and mixed and private companies that have a desire to appoint graduates, and provide them with the experiences of graduates of our colleges and their CVs. Providing graduates with developments that occur in the curricula in the departments and branches from which they graduated so that they can keep up with the development taking place in their scientific field.

  5. Central Documentation Unit

    Organizing special courses for university members charged with conducting documentation in colleges, institutes, directorates, centers and departments to introduce the use of scanning devices to save electronic copies of documents and data for teachers, employees and students on the electronic calculator in each formation. Unifying the electronic documentation that is accomplished in the university’s formations. Following up on updating the information periodically. By university formations every three months, for the purpose of marking in the database.

  6. Security File Unit

    Preparing reports on the security file.