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Department of Scientific Affairs

Organizational Structure of the Department



The Department of Scientific Affairs is one of the most important administrative departments of the university. This department follows up and organizes scientific activities at the university administratively, which includes every scientific activity carried out by the university, whether at the level of teaching staff or colleges. It also generalizes scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and training courses that are performed inside and outside the university, as well as informing all colleges and university departments about the scientific activities held by universities and other Iraqi scientific institutions. By doing so, it urges university members to participate in maintaining scientific communication between university members and Iraqi universities in a way that serves the development of Higher education in Iraq. The Scientific Affairs Department is also considered the link between the university and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding the administrative scientific aspect, such as opening scientific departments, colleges, graduate studies, and consulting offices. In addition, this department is in charge of following up and marketing scientific research carried out by university researchers.


The mission of the Scientific Affairs Department is to integrate the scientific efforts of faculty members and researchers at the university, through coordinating and following up on their scientific productions, research projects, and participation in scientific conferences, whether inside or outside the university. The focus of these efforts is on addressing the problems and challenges facing society, through marketing these activities and their results, disseminating them on a large scale in universities and ministries of common interest, to achieve effective solutions to these problems. Also increasing the scientific activities, and motivating university researchers to actively participate in them, whether through holding seminars and conferences, or engaging in applied research that aims to achieve effective progress in various fields, thus enhancing the university’s position at the national and international levels as a center for scientific research and innovation.


    The objectives of the Scientific Affairs Department can be summarized as follows:

  1. Raising the university’s scientific efficiency through marketing research projects to university researchers and informing concerned parties about the university’s scientific products. As well as a summary of the observations and recommendations reached at by seminars and conferences held at the university.
  2. Developing the university by facilitating administrative procedures, and printing and preparing official files related to the opening of scientific departments, graduate studies, and consulting offices within the university.
  3. Supporting university researchers, including faculty and staff.
  4. Raising the university’s name in scientific forums by presenting the university’s scientific products that serve the development of higher education in Iraq and serve the community through official overtures with the competent authorities.

Department Divisions

    The Scientific Affairs Department consists of two divisions:

  1. 1- Scientific Research Division which includes three units, as listed below with the tasks of each:
  2. - Scientific Journals Unit: audits and issues scientific issues for university-affiliated journals, and notifies the editorial boards of approval of the publications. The Unit also issues university orders after the approval of the University President on the proposed editorial boards for these journals and organizes the procedures for issuing peer-reviewed scientific journals by the controls of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The unit also prepares monthly statistics on the number of scientific research published in respectful international journals.
    - Scientific Conferences and Seminars Unit: This unit supervises and follows up on scientific conferences after obtaining official approvals to hold them at the university, and issues the necessary orders to organize them through scientific and organizational committees. It also follows up on the recommendations issued by these conferences to send them to the Ministry and ensures their inclusion on the “My Seminar” website of the Ministry’s Research and Development Department. It also organizes scientific seminars and discussion sessions in coordination with various university formations at the beginning of each academic year.
    - Research Plan and Patents Unit: In this unit, the implementation of research plans for faculty members at the university is monitored and supervised, whether in colleges, research centers, or scientific departments. It regularly updates and follows up on planned, completed, and published research through the periodic update system approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research every 3 months. The unit bears responsibility for approving the research plans of teachers, which is one of the requirements for academic promotion. The unit also archives patents obtained by university members and prepares their statistics. The Unit sends statistics on scientific research and patents to the Ministry periodically.
  3. 2- Scientific Products Marketing Division: The work of this division focuses on following up and organizing applied scientific research for university members, which can be used by ministries or state institutions. This is done by filling out the forms prepared by the Ministry and completed by the researcher and his affiliated entity (college or center), and sending them to the Ministry. If the research is accepted by one of the local formations, the division will be notified of this by the Scientific Products Marketing Division in the Ministry, so that communication can be made with the researcher to conclude the contracts monitored by the Department in the Ministry. The ministerial system for applied research has been launched, whereby all applied research in Iraqi universities will be submitted and marketed to other parties following the regulators that the ministry will issue later.

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