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The Central Library

About the Central Library

The Central Library is a scientific and cultural institution that seeks to collect, organize, retrieve and disseminate information sources in all their forms, to facilitate researchers and beneficiaries’ access to these sources, in the quickest time, with the least effort and with the greatest possible accuracy, in order to satisfy their needs and desires for information in the field of their specialty or work, whether it is In its traditional or digital form, To enhance and develop the process of scientific research and to achieve scientific progress, in various fields of science and knowledge. Therefore, the central library is an honest mirror that reflects the image of the university, the level of its progress and development, the type of educational and pedagogical process in it and the extent to which it fulfills the requirements of scientific research. It is a cornerstone of the learning process and is one of the scientific standards that are relied upon in The performance of universities in the world that have adopted automated systems for classifying information.
Therefore, attention must be paid to it because of the scientific enrichment it achieves for the solid university edifice. Both the university professor and the student cannot do without the central library, as it is a tool for spreading science and culture in the academic community. All of this required the library staff, secretary-general, technicians, and administrators, to work hard to enhance the library’s performance and to provide the highest level of services, which represents the provision of books, periodicals, and dissertations in paper or electronic form, opening gates to knowledge, and circulating it among student circles, as well as teaching staff, through activating the electronic library and the virtual library.

Vision And Mission

The central library should be a comprehensive repository for all fields of knowledge and human sciences, and support and enhance the scientific research process. The library works to provide and facilitate access to information services necessary for the purposes of education and scientific research, through the library’s receptacles of knowledge and sources of information in various forms and types to serve the individual and society.

Objectives of The Central Library

The Central Library is an integral part of the university and its objectives are closely linked to the objectives and policy of its affiliated university. On this basis, it aims to achieve the following:

Central Library Jobs

The functions of the central library and its ability to respond to the needs of the university it serves can be summarized in the following items:

  1. Managing and developing collections, ensuring the provision of information sources necessary for the university to carry out its missions in education and research, through selection, provision, registration, and other technical processes and procedures.
  2. Organizing collections, including indexing, classification, indexing, extraction, and other operations that ensure the control, analysis, preservation, and maintenance of collections.
  3. Cooperation and coordination, in order to benefit from information sources research, development, and teaching students how to use the library and make proper use of its holdings.
  4. Work to provide a qualified human resource in the office, with high scientific and professional competence, provided that the size of the staff allows the organization and management of the library’s resources and holdings.
  5. Organizing training courses in the field of libraries and information within the framework of continuing education programs.
  6. Holding general and specialized book fairs and participating in exhibitions held by other parties.

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