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Directorate of Dorms

Department Overview

The department was officially established in 2015, where the internal departments support fund was opened for our directorate, and after the expansion of the university's faculties, five complexes were opened for student housing, including::-

  1. 1. Complex No. (1) female students in the Al-Qasim District Center.
  2. 2. A supplementary building to complex No. (1) for male students in the Hashimiya District Center.
  3. 3. Complex No. (2) for male students in the center of the Babylon province.
  4. 4. Complex No. (3) for male students in the Al-Qasim District Center.

Vision & Goals

This Department seeks to achieve quality in both the service and educational fields. These goals are represented by employing the appropriate place where means of comfort are available for all students. In addition to creating the appropriate scientific, educational, and service atmospheres for students by providing a distinguished administrative and supervisory staff. An action plan has been developed to receive students and inform them about the student housing law, and that this department is part of the campus. Supply student housing with supervisory and service staff, housing necessities such as furniture, electrical appliances, and large generators for all sections, along with providing emergency lines.

Statistics for the Number of Dorms Users

Housing in these complexes started in the academic year 2014 - 2015, with the number of benefiting students reaching 230 students. Then, this number has reached 440 students in the academic year 2015 - 2016, while for the academic year 2016 - 2017, the number of students has increased to be 510 students. It is evident here that there is an increase in the number of students each year due to the expansion the university is experiencing through the establishment of new colleges.

Department's Presidency Statement

For the purpose of improving the reality of this departments as an academic and educational edifice that reflects a clear picture of the universities progress. Due to the importance of preparing students educationally by coming up with the appropriate environment, providing the best means for their psychological and social compatibility, the administration has taken some necessary measures in order to improve the reality of our internal departments. We call on all administrative and supervisory staff to continue providing services and to continue their efforts day and night in order to create the best conditions for students for the purpose of continuing their studies and performing their class duties. We also urge security and guard officials to do their best to protect students by checking and keep monitoring over time.

Instructions & Regulations for housing

  1. 1. The student must be registered in the university colleges
  2. 2. Only students who live outside the Babylon province are accepted.
  3. 3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the room, the internal section, its corridors, and placing waste in designated areas.
  4. 4. Adherence to the closing times of the main door of the housing complex.
  5. 5. Allowing relatives and guests to visit or stay for a specific time.
  6. 6. Avoid causing any physical damage to the room, corridors, and public facilities.
  7. 7. Using electrical devices with high power consumption should be carefully done.
  8. 8. Mobile phones with cameras should be carefully used in the female students complexes.
  9. 9. Do not bring in prohibited items, including alcoholic beverages, hookahs, dominoes, gambling tables, etc.
  10. 10. It is not allowed to stay or sleep outside the complex without notifying the management.
  11. 11. Undergraduate students mustn’t be absent for a period of 10 days without a legitimate excuse.
  12. 12. Postgraduate students mustn’t be absent for a period of 20 days without a legitimate excuse.
  13. 13. Students undertake to return all the materials belonging to the internal department before leaving the campus as they received them for the first time, and in case of failure, students will be responsible for any resulting damages.
  14. 14. Students must leave the department after completing the final exams.
  15. 15. Compliance with regulations and laws, demonstrating high ethics, treating the campus administration and supervisors with respect, and following all their instructions.