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Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance

Speech by the Director of the University Quality and Assurance Department

In the world today, quality is no longer a media slogan or an administrative luxury praised by the executive leaders of institutions. Rather, it has become a necessary requirement for every institution that aspires to achieve global performance and competition in a world full of modern and accelerating changes, where information and knowledge have become available to every individual, which has increased the difficulty of satisfying and meeting them. The desires of the beneficiaries to keep up with everything new in various aspects of life. Quality, in all its meanings, concepts, and applications, revolves around meeting the beneficiary’s requirements. In its general sense, it means that the product or service conforms to international specifications and is free from defects. After this simple introduction, the question comes: Is higher education isolated from this global trend regarding quality and its various applications? Certainly, the answer is (no). Education is at the core of the equation, and it is the main axis for the progress or backwardness of nations. Therefore, achieving quality in education is a national demand and a goal that nations seek and race to achieve out of awareness. The quality of the educational process in its comprehensive sense means the quality of the educational outcomes that contribute to graduating generations that bear a great responsibility in achieving the future goals and plans of the educational institution and enhancing its capabilities in continuous development and improvement and competing in the race toward globalization.

Vision and Message

That the department assumes a pioneering and creative position in the field of quality assurance, university performance, and continuous improvement of the outcomes of Al-Qassim Green University.
Leading quality assurance activities in the field of higher education and scientific research to achieve the best performance by applying quality standards that are in harmony with the requirements of the labor market and community service and in line with the university’s mission and goals.

Department Tasks

Department Sections

The structure of the Quality Assurance Department Consists Of Three Sections :

Organizational Structure of the Department