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Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance

A Brief Overview of The Guidance

Today, psychological counseling works all over the world to help people and groups who suffer from psychological and social problems that hinder their life’s growth and development. It promotes human development on the one hand and protects their lives from risks on the other hand. University counseling is extremely important because it concerns an important segment of society (university students) who are the leaders of society and it is their responsibility to complete the process of construction and progress with psychological balance and psychological and social harmony.

Division tasks

The mission of the Guidance Division at the university is to provide periodic assistance to each of the university students of all levels of study, including elementary and postgraduate studies, morning and evening studies, as well as teachers and employees. The assistance that makes them able to overcome psychological, educational and social calamities.

Objectives of the University Counseling Division

    The Department of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance at Al Qasim Green University aims to:

  1. 1- Identifying the psychological and behavioral problems experienced by everyone belonging to the university (students, employees, administrators, workers) and working to provide assistance to them as quickly as possible by subjecting them to counseling interviews based on scientific foundations.
  2. 2- Follow up on the conditions associated with university employees that cause psychological and behavioral disorders and provide the best suggestions regarding them.
  3. 3- Working on psychological education for those who belong to the university in order to achieve the highest levels of psychological prevention through psychological brochures and posters.
  4. 4- Getting acquainted with university life in its cultural and academic form in a way that is appropriate to its level, especially for students in the first grades, as well as achieving the level of social and professional ambition for fourth grade students about to graduate.

Message of the University Guidance Division

  1. 1- Through the spirit of psychological, moral and professional balance within the university.
  2. 2- Providing a psychological outlet for university students and employees in order to achieve a level of psychological stability for a person within the university.
  3. 3- Working to direct the attention of students and workers to the existence of a place in the university capable of solving the problems they suffer from.

Problems that are concerned with the Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance

    • 1- The problems that the department is concerned with regarding students.
      • Mental
      • Achievement
      • Ethical
      • Public system problems
    • 2 - Problems related to university employees
      • Mental
      • The performance
      • Ethical
      • Public interaction

Administration and formation of the Guidance Division

The Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance at the university takes the cluster form, as it assigns a representative in each college to a candidate from the college itself. He, in turn, delegates a candidate from each of the departments in the college, and the department’s nominee is responsible for organizing the educational counselors for each group of students according to academic grades. The division also appoints one teaching staff in each college to be its representative to follow up on the psychological and behavioral problems and psychological needs suffered by workers in the college itself.

  1. - Working on a work guide for the classroom advisor at the university for follow-up and field application.
  2. - Determine periodic counseling hours in each college according to limited, fixed schedules.

Activities of the University Counseling Division

  1. 1- Holding periodic educational seminars to learn about the latest psychological methods in psychotherapy and how to solve problems appropriately and in the shortest time.
  2. 2- Preparing an introductory booklet to be distributed to those delegated to the colleges, one of which relates to students and the other to teachers and workers in the college, explaining the method of productive counseling work.
  3. 3- Working to print psychological and educational publications that educate and warn about the problems that individuals and university workers may be exposed to.
  4. 4- Field visits to colleges to learn about the progress of extension work and uncover problems related to them. _Using an annual database of psychological problems suffered by those concerned at the university in order to know the most common student problems.
  5. 5- Working on a liaison with the student control councils, the investigation councils, and the administrative assistant for student affairs at the college in order to identify the causes and problems, their nature, and the legal methods that differ or are consistent with the guidance reform for students and workers at the university.
  6. 6- Opening a link with the centers and hospitals concerned with mental health and psychological treatment for psychological and neurological conditions that require it.
  7. 7- Periodic evaluation of the activities of advisors assigned to colleges.
  8. 8- The website network for online referendums according to a secret number for students.

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