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Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations

The department was established in 2012. The department’s responsibility is to coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the scientific and cultural communication of our university with universities and scientific research institutions in the world . The department also announces scholarships and fellowships granted by the Ministry and the international universities and institutions educational
The department acts communications with foreign universities by signing memorandums of understanding with them for the purpose of exchanging experiences and training our academic and administrative staff, as well as organizing programs of scholarships and fellowships (undergraduate and postgraduate studies). The department seeks to host researchers and academics to work together with our university staff for the prosperity of science and knowledge in the educational system.

Department Tasks

Department Division

    The Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations consists of two divisions:
  1. 1-Division of Student Abroad
  2. 2-Division of Cultural Relations

For more information, you can contact us via the department’s email :