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Student Activities Department

After the establishment of Al-Qassim Green University in 2012 AD, the need emerged to nurture students’ talents and to benefit from their free time in matters that reveal their talents and develop their personalities from the artistic, sporting, creative, and cultural aspects. A committee was formed to supervise the organization and management of sports and arts during the academic year 2014-2015 (so a university order was issued assigning (Assistant Professor Dr. Jassim Jaber Muhammad Al-Awadi) to hold the duties of Director of the Directorate of Physical and Artistic Education at the University. The name of the department was changed to be (Student Activities Department) according to Ministerial Letter No. (327) on February 2, 2015. The Sports Activity Department includes a group of holders of higher degrees, doctorates, and masters, as well as a group of bachelor’s degree holders in various sports and artistic specializations.
According to the Ministry’s classification, the department includes a group of divisions (Sports Activity Division - Scouting Activity Division - Artistic Activity Division - Administrative Division). The Student Activities Department at Al Qasim Green University had an effective role in achieving many of the achievements and qualifications that the student aspired to at the university, including building relationships. Being kind to others through various activities. Highlighting sports and artistic talents, carrying out plastic drawings, as well as the participation of the university’s sports teams in external tournaments, identifying talented players to participate in all sporting events, as well as scouting, which is a newly developed division that is the first of its kind in building the student’s personality so that he can rely on himself by setting up scout camps and participating.
In the scout camps of Iraqi universities, our university achieved first place among all Iraqi universities in scouting competitions. Therefore, a lot must be accomplished in Iraqi universities in terms of external and local participation, which includes artistic paintings of the department in the future, and improving it in order to keep pace with what the sporting reality aspires to be.

Director’s Statement

The development that the world is witnessing at all levels cannot be left only to look at. We must work continuously to achieve what we aspire to through proper planning, management, and training to reach the set goals. Our university has striven for excellence in all its activities, and the Student Activities Department has taken steps to place the name of our university first among Iraqi universities. This status is achieved through the continuous support and encouragement of the President of the University, even though the university is not specialized, as there are no faculties of physical education, sports sciences, or the Faculty of Fine Arts. We achieved distinguished results through continuous work to prepare sports teams and hold artistic and scouting festivals, as our university recorded its results of achieving first place in scouting activities and third place in chess among the new universities. We hope, through the continuous work of the department’s staff, to excel and develop at all levels.

Tasks and Duties of the Student Activities Department

Department Divisions

  1. 1- Sports Division
  2. 2- Artistic Division
  3. 3- Scout Division
  4. 4- Fitness and Physical Therapy Division
  5. 5- Administrative Affairs Division

Tasks and Duties of Divisions

  1. Duties of the sports division

    Managing the affairs of the division, appointing supervisors for internal and external sports tournaments, issuing regulations and instructions for sports tournaments, circulating them to universities, and adhering to them to ensure the proper conduct of the tournaments.

  2. Tasks and duties of the Artistic Division

    The goal of the division is to develop students’ artistic talents, raise their artistic level, work to make students benefit from the field of art in other specializations, and develop an artistic curriculum to develop students’ talents in the following specializations: (fine arts), which includes (drawing - sculpture - handicrafts - theater). An annual curriculum for artistic activities is set up in line with the specializations in the department, as well as training programs. All students in the colleges of Al Qasim Green University participate in this annual curriculum.

  3. Duties of the Scout Division

    Spreading awareness among students, carrying out volunteer work, spreading cultural awareness among students, and participating in international and local scout camps.