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Department of Graduate Studies

The department is linked to the Department of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, and tasks are carried out in the form of duties distributed among individuals working in the department.

About the Department of Graduate Studies

Objectives and Vision

Providing a high scientific level and providing all state ministries with scientific cadres with different specializations to meet the country’s advanced scientific level, overcome the problems it suffers from, and facilitate their tasks in completing their scientific and practical research.
The vision of the Graduate Studies Department is to work to link graduate studies with development plans and the actual needs of the labor market and national development, to develop appropriate applied scientific solutions to the problems posed by state institutions, to develop proposals and solutions, and controls to solve them following the needs of the state, society, and development at the global level, and to prepare graduate students with advanced scientific preparation can assume responsibility for the equivalence of the obtained graduate degree.

The message

Raising the level of graduate studies, creating and diversifying specializations of interest to the labor market, preparing various requirements, and providing scientific and technical services and consultations in state institutions and other sectors, in addition to preparing instructions and controls related to creation, admission, and student affairs in all stages that the student passes through to reach the status that he Enables him to fully perform the tasks assigned to him in a way that serves the institution/ministry (and other ministries) and the citizen and achieves the desired goal.

Technical department and scientific planning work

  1. These are postgraduate studies with different specializations according to the university and the country's needs.
  2. Announcement of the admission plan on the website.
  3. Informing the relevant colleges of the instructions received from the Ministry.
  4. Knowing the numbers of those accepted for postgraduate studies according to different specializations.
  5. Sorting those accepted and reserved according to these results.

Activities and Achievements of the Graduate Studies Department

  1. Circulating the books that are registered from the Ministry to the deanships of colleges, following them up, and responding to the Ministry.
  2. Issuing university orders to accept postgraduate students.
  3. Issuing graduation orders for postgraduate students.
  4. Confirming the validity of the issuance of university orders for graduates who are requested by their departments to do so You appoint them there.
  5. The departments of those admitted to postgraduate studies are contacted regarding granting them study leave.
  6. Proofreading theses and dissertations of postgraduate students and directing students to the necessity of adhering to postgraduate studies instructions and the certificate specifications approved by the University Council Secretariat.

Department Division

  • 1 - Acceptance Division
  • 2 - Student Affairs Follow-up Division
  • 3 - University orders Division

Division tasks

  1. 1 - Responding to official books
  2. 2 - The Division adheres to the deadlines specified for official books
  3. 3- Follow up on scientific research written by teachers
  4. 4 – Preserving and archiving official books
  5. 5 – Follow the daily mail

For more information, you can contact us via the department’s email :